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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin

Why sit in front of the computer all day, watching the markets continuously, day in and day out, searching in vain for your next big trade?  Who needs that drudgery?   As a Perfect Play Alerts member, we do all that heavy lifting so you don't have to!   When the time is right, we will send out to you our entry price, order type, a recommended price target, (limit order) and a recommended stop loss (stop order) on all the position and swing trades we are looking at doing. That could mean 1 trade a week, or 5! It all depends on the market and it's condition.   We let the charts do the talking and give us the signals.   We never try and force something that just isn't there for the sake of trading.  We don't gamble!   It's either a "clean" signal or it isn't .  We scan a good chunk of the trading universe scrounging for opportunities in the forex , futures, and commodities markets.   We even keep an eye on a handful of ETF's.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   I am brand new to trading.   Can I still use your Alert service?

A:   Absolutely!   I create lot's of free educational content on a regular basis and post them on the "Videos" page.

​Q:   I have a full time job.   Will that interfere with my trading? 

A:   Not at all.   The whole point of swing trading is that you don't need to be glued to the trading screen all day!  Put the order in and forget it.

Q:   I have only a limited amount of funds - between $1,000 and $5,000.   Is it possible to trade your Alerts with only that much?

A:   Forex markets allows traders to deal in very small quantities.   So the answer is yes.​

Q:   How many Alerts should I expect per week?

​A:    The markets are a strange beast.   Some weeks we get a lot, while other weeks we may not get any.   The market's themselves dictate the frequency of the trades.  We force nothing.   We either get the signal and set up or we don't.

Q:   What makes your service different from all the rest?

​A:    Simple.   The quality and depth of our analysis.   We don't just give you the trade, we break it  down with a video; explaining  and comparing all aspects of the trade including inter market comparisons and relationships.   

Q:  Are you personally doing the trades you recommend?

​A:    Yes and No.   I will always put my money where my mouth is!  However, personally I'm focused on Forex and commodity CFD's

Let's Get You On The Winning Side Of The Trade!

TRADE ALERTS - Futures and Forex

$49. / month  (This price won't last long.   It will be doubling soon!)


$49. / month  (This price won't last long.   It will be doubling soon!)

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