​One of the greatest tools a trader could possibly possess and have at their disposal is an indicator that gives them extraordinary insight and a highly accurate look into where the buy and sell orders are most likely to be found in a given market on any given day.   Fire Lines are my primary statistical and proprietary indicator that I use to produce price levels or price points, where I expect to see a lot of significant intraday trading activity, as well as to determine the likely trend of the price action for that particular day.

$39. usd per month

Why sit in front of the computer all day, watching the markets continuously, day in and day out, searching in vain for your next big trade?  Who needs that drudgery?  Let me do all that heavy lifting so you don't have to!  When the time is right, I will text you my entry price, order type, a price target, (limit order) and a  stop loss (stop order) on all the position and swing trades I'm are looking at doing. That could mean 1 trade a week, or 5!  It all depends on the markets and their condition. I let the charts do the talking and give me the signals.  I never try and force something that just isn't there for the sake of trading. I don't gamble! It's either a "clean" signal or it isn't . I scan a good chunk of the trading universe scrounging for opportunities in the forex , futures, and commodities markets. I even keep an eye on a handful of ETF's.

$89. per month

​Whether you're a fresh beginner or a seasoned pro, I will you teach you my personal techniques on how to take the guesswork out of entering and exiting trades, determining trend, and most importantly, how to calculate and manage risk.   This 12 week, live one-on-one, information packed course is designed to maximize not only your knowledge and skills, but to dramatically increase your odds of success.

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You take the markets very seriously.   So do I.  If you'd like to talk about your trading and how I might be able to help, send me a text.   We can set up an appointment for a free consultation.

In Canada (613) 484-1286