As much as I'd love to have you a client, as with any good relationship, we need to see if we'll be a good fit for one and other before going any further and wasting each others time and effort.

I am...

  • a commodity futures and forex trader.   (I like options and stocks too though!)
  • 100% client oriented. I work for you. Your success is my paramount concern.
  • a highly disciplined, rule based trading system designer.
  • primarily  a technical analyst, however I do keep an eye on the fundamentals as well - especially when issuing longer term trading ideas to my clients.
  • always open to new ideas and concepts. The markets are a dynamic, ever changing place. In order to survive, we must remain nimble and willing to learn so as to be able to quickly adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and realities.
  • very risk adverse. I only trade when the odds are significantly in my favour.
  • strong believer in a slow and steady approach that delivers consistent returns with a minimum of risk. If you're looking for non-stop action, you're in the wrong place.
  • more than willing to share my knowledge and experiences with you through videos, webinars, podcasts, and 1 on 1 conversations.
  • always listening. If there is a market you need me to look at and I don't have a recent report on it, just ask and I will have one done for you as soon as humanly possible.
  • going to teach you how to trade. Properly!   (Perfect Play Apprentice Program)

I am not:

  • a broker.
  • a "me too" analyst that jumps on the "latest and greatest" thing.   I stand down and wait for my time tested, statistically proven set-ups before issuing trade alerts or altering my ratings on any given market.
  • going to participate in "hot" markets, or high profile markets that are subject to large price swings due to the latest "headlines and hype".
  • going to issue a trade idea unless I'm prepared to put my money on the line right along side yours.   If however I do see a trade set up that meets my criteria, but will not be trading it,  I will let you know why.
  • going to force trades for the sake of trading.  Often I go through stretches when I am not in the market because my criteria for a trigger has not been met.   Patience and disciple are the hallmarks of a professional. Flat is also a position.
  • scalpers anymore. Yes, there was a time when that's all I did around here.  But now in the age of HFT, headline risks, and the co-located servers of the large trading firms and prop desks, the retail scalper has little or no edge left.  Market efficiencies have for the most part taken away the edge I once had. Pity too, it was a lot of fun. I do however still day trade, but now I hold our trades for longer periods of time and use the structure of the "Fire Lines" to guide my entry levels and price targets.
  • going to sell you a piece of junk and then abandon you to swim with sharks. I will always be standing right beside you.

Spammers have infested the planet!   I assure you I am not one of them.   Your privacy is respected and protected.   Check your email for confirmation.   Thanks!

I look forward to working for you in the future!