"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom"

George Washington Carver

Trading is without a doubt, one of the most alluring and exciting professions an individual could ever embark upon. It is also arguably, one of the most dangerous. A career as a trader can be over in a heartbeat if he or she has not been properly prepared or given the right tools to navigate all the twists and turns the markets can and will throw at you. It is the potential of unlimited riches and income that seduce so many, yet the odds of success are heavily stacked against them. What is it that makes the difference? Why do so few succeed, where most others fail? The answer is not an easy one as there are many contributing factors, but I’d have to say lack of discipline, and the absence of a solid plan are likely the top two reasons for failure. Even a trader with a bad plan, when approached with discipline and consistency, will outperform traders that don’t have a plan at all. Those two things alone clearly set the pros apart from the amateurs. Professionals have a plan and the discipline to execute it.

Yes, in my opinion, it is possible for a trader to consistently outperform the markets if adequately prepared.

It is the purpose of the Apprentice program to equip you with the essential tools and knowledge necessary to put the odds of succeeding in your favour. To provide you with a trade plan. No tinkering or adjustments needed here. This rule and statistically based trading model that I’m offering to you has been developed, traded, optimized and adapted in the real world of trading. This program is not some theoretical algorithm that a mathematician has dreamed up in the bowels of some university somewhere that could be improved upon. No, this integrated toolkit has earned its stripes the old fashioned way.   Through hard work, blood sweat and tears, failure and success.   It is how I trade.


Do you know what is the single most crippling mistake that almost every new trader (and many veterans too!) makes?   They try to blaze their own trail, they try to re-invent a perfectly good wheel!   There are many proven trading methods out there.   There is a lot of garbage too.   But when you find something that suits your style, your personality, and you 'get it' why not just let sleeping dogs lie and trade the method the way it was designed to be?   Sadly, so many people insist on making it a lot harder than it needs to be, and they start to tinker with it.   Once you change something, even something seemingly small and insignificant, the entire system changes!   It's effectiveness is severely weakened.   Look, you don't get bonus points for creativity in trading.   Trading is about making money - period.   What you'll get is just get extra headaches, unnecessary stress, and usually assume far too much risk and expense.   It almost always takes much longer before you see anything meaningful in your account, or worse, you end up blowing out all your capital!   The leaders are usually the ones with the arrows in their backs.   (I've got so many I feel like a porcupine!)   It's a long, gruelling, and expensive process to put together a complete trading methodology that produces revenue on a consistent basis.   So why not just sit back, relax, and do it the easy way?   Let me show you the lessons I've learned the hard way, saving you massive amounts of time, a whole lot of money, and quite possibly your sanity!

Welcome to Perfect Play Apprentice!

Whether you're a fresh beginner or a seasoned pro, I will teach you my personal techniques on how to take the guesswork out of entering and exiting trades, determining trend, and most importantly, managing risk. This information packed course is designed to maximize not only your knowledge, but dramatically increase your odds of success.

Todd G. Accountant/Trader

"As luck would have it I bumped into Rob on the internet. He took me under his wing and spoon-fed me a slow steady dose of proper techniques and money management vitamins to nurse me back to financial health. Now three years later I am a confident, profitable trader who manages other peoples money. There is no question that if I had not met Rob I would not be trading today and I am living proof that monkeys can succeed trading the financial markets. Thank-you for everything Rob, you are truly a godsend."

What To Expect From This Comprehensive, On-Line Program.

Module 1

  • Trends and how to determine them.
  • Bullet Point 2

Module 2

  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2

Module 3

  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2

Module 4

  • Bullet Point 1
  • Bullet Point 2

Bill B. CEO, Accurate Charts

"The information contained in his training courses is invaluable.   No fluff.   No BS.   No promise of making a million dollars in six months.   If you are truly interested in learning how to become a consistent and profitable trader,  you need look no further than Rob Tovell.”

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